One of the the things you will learn about with scouts is that there is never a shortness for patches.  You child will receive patches that indicate the rank they are, but also they will receive "Temporary Patches" that they can wear on the Right pocket of their uniform shirt.  They can only wear one Temporary Patch at a time so you will have extras.  Some scouts collect and trade patches, some
Youth Patch Vest

Wondering what to do with all of your activity and service Patches?

One way to display them is with a Youth Patch Vest.  (Pictured to the left)

The vest can be purchased at the Scout Store or online at for $14.99

Youth Patch Blanket

Another way to display your patches is with a Patch Blanket.  (Pictured to the left)

The blanket can be purchased at the Scout Store or online at for $21.99

In Addition to the Purchasing the Blanket; if you have sewing skills there are a variety of felt fabrics that are scout themed which would make an excellent gift as your scout crosses over into a troop or eventually receives their Eagle Scout Rank.

Parent Action Item

This is optional. It's also more of a "den decision" so consult your den leader.