Scout Language

This page will help you AFTER you sign your son up for Scouts.  So glance it over for now and remember it is here for you later... 

If you are new to scouting you will be exposed to "Scoutspeak".  (It’s kinda like when you go to a party and everyone there is a computer programmer except you.)

To help you decode “Scoutspeak”, here are a few handy-dandy definitions:

These are a series of activities or things to learn that a scout must complete in order to advance to the next rank. Required Adventures must be completed. Elective Adventures are optional and there are multiple options for Elective Adventures to choose from.

The Leader of the Pack. Does not have to wear leather or ride a Harley, although sometimes it helps. Usually the Cubmaster, but Akela also means Den Leaders and YOU--the main leader your boy looks to for guidance!

Arrow of Light
Highest award that a Cub Scout can earn. This award may also be worn on their Boy Scout uniform.

Arrow Scouts
A group of Cub Scouts, in Fifth Grade, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Arrow of Light rank by February, at which time they will “Cross Over” into a Boy Scout Troop. Arrow Scouts are sometimes called Webelo 2 Scouts.

Assistant Cubmaster
An adult volunteer who assists the Cubmaster and other Den Leaders in making sure that the Pack runs smoothly.

Bear Den
A group of Cub Scouts, in Third Grade, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Bear rank by April.

Blue and Gold Banquet
A dinner for Scouting held by Cub Scout Packs in February to celebrate the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910 and of Cub Scouting in 1930. For Pack 3048, it is also the time that our Arrow Scouts cross over into a Boy Scout Troop.

The first rank that a Cub Scout earns by showing that they know basic scout knowledge.

Boys' Life
The magazine for all Scouts published by the Boy Scouts of America.

Buddy System
A policy where on any outing, Cub Scouts remain in groups of 2-3 so that they are never alone.

Bug Juice
A fruit juice like kool-aid or lemonade that all scouts seem to love. Not to be confused with Leader Fuel or Leader Juice which is coffee.

Cake Auction
Fundraiser held at the January Pack meeting where Cub Scouts prepare and decorate themed cakes with their Parents or Guardians. The cakes are then auctioned off to help raise money for Pack 3048.

Camp Butler / Camp Manatoc
This is the main Scouting Camp in Great Trail Council. It is located in the Peninsula / Boston Heights area. This is where most of our camping activities take place.

Chartered Organization
A Church, School or other Community Group that sponsors a Cub Scout Pack. For Pack 3048, our Chartered Organization is Wedgewood United Methodist Church.

Class A Uniform
Official uniform worn by scouts or leaders consisting of Blue or Tan Shirt with appropriate patches placed on the uniform. Please see the Uniform Sheets at the end of this packet.

Class B Uniform
A Tee-Shirt which is printed by your Scouting Pack or Troop to identify you as part of that unit. This can also be a tee-shirt from a Scouting Event (like Adventure or Day Camps) which identifies you as a Cub Scout.

An organization of professional Scouters (Adults) that oversee all Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and other Scouting units in an area. Pack 3048 is part of Great Trail Council which includes Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Summit, Trumbull, and Wayne Counties.

Court of Honor
A Court of Honor is an awards ceremony held by a Boy Scout Troop, similar to Cub Scout Pack Meetings. At this time Boy Scouts are recognized for receiving awards, merit badges, and rank advancements.

Cracker Barrel
A scout term for a social gathering with refreshments after a meeting or activity. Often an evening activity while camping before going to bed.

Cross Over
This is a ceremony held after the annual Blue and Gold Banquet in which our Fifth Grade, Arrow Scouts, become Boy Scouts and join a Boy Scout Troop.

An adult volunteer who is responsible for the monthly Pack Meeting(s) which includes all boys, leaders and parents from all dens.

Cub Scout Sign
The Cub Scout sign is used when Cub Scouts say the Scout Promise and Law. The sign is also used to get the attention of any Cub Scout group. To make the sign, hold up your right hand with the arm straight and first and middle fingers extended (like the ears of an animal). The other fingers and thumb are folded over into the palm.

A Den is a group of Cub Scouts of the same rank that meet together.

Den Chief
A Boy Scout assigned to a Cub Scout Den to assist the leaders and help the Cub Scouts learn about Boy Scouts.

Den Leader (Akela)
An adult volunteer(s) that work with one specific scout Den to ensure that they complete all the required activities to earn the rank they are working on; but more importantly, they are there to make sure that the scouts have fun and learn in a safe and healthy environment.

Den Meeting
Held weekly with your own den either at the Chartered Organization or at a site.

Each Scouting Council is divided into a number of Districts based on geographical region. Pack 3048 is part of Tri-Fires District which includes East Akron, Ellet, Firestone Park, North Hill, Mogadore, and Tallmadge.

Dutch Oven
A cast iron pot used for cooking on campouts.

Leave No Trace (LNT)
A set of guidelines that set standards for outdoor activities that are environmentally sound and considerate to others using the same area.

Lion Den
A group of Cub Scouts, in Kindergarten, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Lion rank by April.

Pack Committee
A Group of Parents and Leaders who work together to make the Pack successful. The Pack Committee develops and funds the Pack program with the help of the Cubmaster and Den Leaders.

A group of Dens that meet at the same Chartered Organization.

A group of Boy Scouts of similar rank or age. This is the same as a Cub Scout Den.

A level of advancement in Cub Scouts that we work to reach by completing Required Adventures and Elective Adventures.

Pack Meeting
Monthly meeting held at the Chartered Organization to present awards and advancements to our Cub Scouts.

Short for Parachute Cord. It is a rope used by scouts for learning or tying knots. This is a thinner rope made of nylon or similar material. It comes in all lengths and colors.

Pinewood Derby
An activity for all Scouts and families where wooden race cars are built, with adult assistance, and raced down tracks for prizes and trophies.

Popcorn Colonel
Person or persons in the Pack responsible for coordinating all popcorn sales and prize deliveries.

Popcorn Sale
Much like Girl Scouts of America has cookies, Boy Scouts of America has popcorn. It is a fund raising activity in the fall for both the Council and the Pack. The Council does the organizing and boys sell the popcorn. One third of the proceeds go directly to the unit and one third help fund the Council. In Pack 3048, scouts can earn prizes and free access to summer activities for selling certain amounts of popcorn.

Rain Gutter Regatta
An activity for all Scout race and families where small boats are built, with adult assistance, and raced in sealed rain gutters full of water.

This either referrers to a past award that a Cub Scout had earned or the current den they are in and award they are working toward.

Scout Book
Each Scout works from their own book to complete Required and Elective Adventures on their way to earning their rank for that year.

Scout Shop
A BSA-owned store, operated by the Great Trail Council that sells official Scouting merchandise.

Scout Sign
The Scout sign is used when Webelo or Arrow Scouts say the Scout Oath or Promise and Scout Law. To make the sign, raise the right hand palm forward, upper arm straight, and out to the side. The arm is bent at the elbow, forming a right angle. The three middle fingers are held erect and the thumb covers the nail of the little finger.

Tiger Den
A group of Cub Scouts, in First Grade, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Tiger rank by April.

A Troop is a group of Boy Scouts, similar to a Cub Scout Pack, and made up of one or more patrols.

Webelos Scouts
A group of Cub Scouts, in Fourth Grade, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Webelos rank by April. Webelos also stands for “We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.”

Wolf Den
A group of Cub Scouts, in Second Grade, who meet and work on Activities together. Ultimately, they are working to earn the Wolf rank by April.

Youth Protection Training
Each leader and parents who works with scouts must complete the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training. This training will help understand the basic policies to help us protect our Scouts. ALL adults who attend Day Camp or Webelos Resident Camp must take Youth Protection Training. ALL Lion and Tiger Cub Parents must receive Youth Protection Training. Pack 3048 will offer this on a regular basis and it is currently valid for 2 years.

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